How to get a quality website, cheaply?

by Tim R @ Procredible

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but that doesn’t mean it should cost you a fortune and just like with lunches, websites have various different options that can vary the costs.

If you’re a small business or just starting out, paying a premium for a website is not what you’re looking to do, partially because you are just starting out and don’t need all the fanciness of one, but also because they are a big expense.

So what we’re going to look at are some ways that you, as a small business can get a cheap web design. Now, depending on what type of website you want, will depend on where you start. A service-based website will have different needs than an ecommerce site, so we’re going to try and keep this fairly general and not to be too specific.

Use a CMS (Content Management System)

An example of a CMS would be something like WordPress, an open-source web platform that’s free to use.


  • Open-source CMS so free to use.
  • Free web design themes available.
  • Popular so lots of documentation.


  • Needs hosting, so this will cost extra.
  • A theme gives less control over the design.
  • Need technical knowledge to make changes to style.
  • You’ll need to keep on top of the CMS and plugin updates to keep it secure.
  • No support/help with your website if something goes wrong.
  • Adding in an SSL certificate would cost more.

Use a web builder

A web builder would be something like Wix, where you can build your own website using their builder.


  • The builder gives more control over the design.
  • Allows you to create a website yourself or use a template.
  • Low monthly cost to use the platform.
  • Comes hosted on Wix’s platform.


  • Doing the design yourself can take time. Getting a designer will increase costs.
  • Without the keen eye of a designer, important design elements will likely be missed.
  • You are limited by what can be done with the web builder.

Get a Procredible website

Our own website builder, but with the addition that the website is designed and built for you.


  • Cheap monthly cost to run the website.
  • Design tailored to you by experienced and professional web designers.
  • Hosting and SSL included as part of the price.


  • You are tied in for a minimum 12 month contract. This is so we can offer websites at the low monthly cost, without the need for a set up fee upfront.

So there you have, 3 ways you can get a cheap website designed.

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